Update on AdWords API v201101 sunset dates

Friday, May 13, 2011

We recently launched AdWords API v201101, including details on the deprecation timeline for previous versions.

We would like to clarify the sunset dates for the following versions and services:
  • API v13 TrafficEstimatorService: we’re making changes to the TrafficEstimatorService algorithm in v201101 and v201008 to bring you more accurate estimates. We will therefore be sunsetting API v13 TrafficEstimatorService on June 30, 2011. See more on updates to the traffic estimates algorithm on the Inside AdWords Blog.
  • API v200909, v201003, v201008, and API v13 ReportService - the sunset date will be four months from when MCC cross-client reports go live. We will post to this blog as soon as MCC cross-client reports becomes available.
For help migrating to v201101, review the resources on the AdWords API code site, including release notes and AdWords API client libraries. If you have any questions please post them on the AdWords API forum.

UPDATE as of Jul 14, 2011

We want to clarify that the sunset that will happen four months from when MCC cross-client reports go live will include ALL services in the following versions:
  • v200909
  • v201003
  • v201008
In addition to v13 ReportService.

The ONLY functional services remaining will be:
  • All v201101 services
  • v13 AccountService

Posted by Katie Miller, AdWords API Team