AdWords API v201101 launch -- providing enhanced reporting, generic selectors, support for filtering and more

Friday, March 04, 2011

We’re pleased to announce the launch of AdWords API v201101, which allow you to more efficiently run reports, as well as implement campaign experiments and other recently released advertising features at scale. Through the AdWords API forum and developer events we’ve heard frequent requests for the newly available services. We’ve highlighted some of the new features below. A complete list of changes is available in the v201101 release notes.

v201101 highlights:
  • Easily run reports across clients: ReportDefinitionService now supports My Client Center (MCC) cross-client reports, which are fetched asynchronously. The ReportDefinition type has two new fields with which you specify retrieval of a cross-client report, and all report types have new fields for use in cross-client reporting. In addition, the following new reports have been added: Geo Performance, Demographic Performance, Ad Extensions Performance,  Destination URL and Creative Conversion. See Report Types for more information.
  • Greater data control and filtering with a single generic selector: The get operations for a number of services now use a single generic selector, rather than service-specific selectors. The generic selector provides more control over the data returned, lets you filter on almost any field, and specify sorting and paging. For information about migrating your code, see the Selector Migration Reference.
  • Try out campaign experiments: A campaign can now try out sets of ads experimentally by using the ExperimentData in the AdGroupAd type. A new set of report fields provide information about how an advertiser experiment performed. The Ad Group Performance, Campaign Performance, Keywords Performance, and Managed Placements Performance reports each have a field that lets you segment on the control arm or experiment arm. In addition, a report field for each statistic indicates the significance in the change of that statistic in the experiment arm. For more information about campaign experiments, see the AdWords Campaign Experiments overview.
  • Differentiate locations for desired targeting: A new setting for the Campaign type --  GeoTargetTypeSetting -- lets you specify how to apply geo targeting. The setting lets you differentiate between the user’s physical location and the location that’s targeted in the search. 
  • Run interest-based advertising at scale (coming soon): Adwords API will fully support interest-based advertising via the ConversionTrackerService, which enables you to create a new conversion event and get the Javascript tag to create new lists. This service will be released in the coming weeks.
Deprecation timeline for previous versions
With the release of equivalent functionality in v201101, the following versions and services will be deprecated:
  • API versions v13 (ReportService and TrafficEstimatorService only), v200909, v201003, v201008
  • BidLandscapeService (being moved to the DataService)
We will be sunsetting these versions and services in August 2011.

As with every new version of the AdWords API, we encourage you to review the resources in the AdWords API client libraries. If you have any questions please post them on the AdWords API forum.

Posted by Katie Wasilenko, AdWords API Team