UPDATE2: Developer Token Required In Report Downloads

Monday, November 14, 2011

A little over a week ago we published a blog post informing developers that we would begin requiring a developer token with report downloads to better allow us to monitor reports, and extended the deadline in an update. We are changing the deadline to Tuesday January 17th, 2012 to give our developers more time during the busy holiday season.

As mentioned in our prior update, the sandbox will still have this change as of November 16th. We strongly encourage you to use the time between November 16th and January 17th to make the change to your applications, test against the sandbox and move the change to production. The existing production report download will ignore the header until it is required, which means you can implement the changes before the deadline without it breaking your existing applications.

We will update the client libraries to help you implement this change before the November 16th change in the sandbox environment. Please see our report download documentation for more information regarding report downloads. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this change, please post on the forum or try to attend our Google+ Hangouts with members of the AdWords API Developer Relations Team.

, AdWords API Team