ACTION REQUIRED: Developer Token Required In Report Downloads Starting 11/23

Thursday, November 03, 2011

We would like to announce an important change to the process of downloading reports from the AdWords API that will affect all report downloads for tools built on API versions post v13.  Currently, downloading reports costs no API units and has previously not required a developer token.  To allow us to better monitor usage of reports, we will start requiring a developer token when downloading reports.  Downloading reports will still cost zero API units.

All report downloads - whether they be AdHoc or pre-v201109, using either GET or POST - must provide the developer token as an HTTP header. Example formatting of header:

developerToken: 1a2B3c4D5e_-6v7w8x9y0z

If your application fails to provide the developer token as an HTTP header after November 23rd, it will receive the error message QuotaCheckError.INVALID_TOKEN_HEADER when downloading reports.

We will be publishing updates to the example and utility code in the client libraries to reflect this change.  Please see our report download documentation for more information regarding report downloads.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss this change, please post on the forum or try to attend our Google+ Hangouts with members of the AdWords API Developer Relations Team.

Kevin Winter, AdWords API Team