UPDATE: Developer Token Required In Report Downloads

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Last Thursday we published a blog post informing developers that we would begin requiring a developer token with report downloads.  Due to developer feedback regarding the proposed date being so close to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we are changing the deadline to Tuesday November 29th.

We’d also like to clarify two additional points:

  • We will start requiring the developer token as an HTTP header for report downloads in the sandbox as of November 16th.  This will allow developers to make requests with the developer token as an HTTP header to ensure their application will continue to function as expected when the production server begins requiring the developer token.
  • While the production service will begin requiring the developer token on November 29th, you can provide this HTTP header today and the server will still accept the request.  This means you can add the developer token in advance of the deadline without fear that report download functionality will be interrupted.
We will update the client libraries to help you implement this change before the November 16th change in the sandbox environment.  Please see our report download documentation for more information regarding report downloads.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss this change, please post on the forum or try to attend our Google+ Hangouts with members of the AdWords API Developer Relations Team.

, AdWords API Team