Most v13 services turned off today

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You might remember that six months ago we announced that on April 22, 2010 we would be sunsetting many v13 services. Since then, we’ve posted reminders over the last 100 days right here on the blog. It’s finally April 22, so today we’re sunsetting the following v13 services:

  • CampaignService
  • AdGroupService
  • CriterionService
  • AdService
  • InfoService
  • KeywordToolService
  • SiteSuggestionService
If you’re still using any of these services, you’ll start to see your calls fail with error code 213. Migrate to the v200909 version of the API to avoid failed calls. Review our per-call migration guide to move your applications over to v2009.

Please note that AccountService, ReportService, and TrafficEstimatorService will remain available in version v13 of the API until we’ve provided this functionality in the new API. We’ll give you at least four months to migrate these last three v13 services once their replacements are available.

As always, please ask questions and share your feedback on the developer forum. Our team is happy to answer questions about v2009 and starting today, is no longer supporting questions about the v13 services that we’ve sunset.

– Jason Shafton, Product Marketing Manager