Version v200906 beta will be shut down on February 2, 2010

Monday, November 23, 2009

The v200906 API, which we released as a limited beta in June 2009, will be shut down on February 2, 2010. The recently-launched v200909 API is a full replacement for v200906 and it adds substantial additional functionality. For most developers, the migration from v200906 to v200909 will be just a matter of updating the version in the namespace and re-compiling/building their application.

If you are using one of our client libraries, the changes required for migration will be as easy as

  • Java
    • Change import; to import;
    • Change CampaignServiceInterface campaignService = user.getService(AdWordsService.V200906.CAMPAIGN_SERVICE); to CampaignServiceInterface campaignService = user.getService(AdWordsService.V200909.CAMPAIGN_SERVICE);
  • DotNet
    • Change using; to using;
    • Change namespace to namespace
    • Change CampaignService service = (CampaignService) user.GetService(AdWordsService.v200906.CampaignService); to CampaignService service = (CampaignService) user.GetService(AdWordsService.v200909.CampaignService);
  • Python
    • Explicitly set version, campaign_service = client.GetCampaignService(version='v200909')
  • Ruby
    • Change campaign_srv = adwords.get_service('Campaign', 200906) to campaign_srv = adwords.get_service('Campaign', 200909)
  • Perl
    • Change version in types, Google::AdWords::v200906::Types::SomeType to Google::AdWords::v200909::Types::SomeType
  • PHP
    • Defaults to v200909

As always, the AdWords API team is available to help ensure a smooth transition to the new v200909 API. Feel free to post your questions on the forum. Finally, to learn about the exciting new features of v200909, we encourage you to check out the weekly posts in our Discover v2009 series.

--Stan Grinberg, AdWords API Team