AdWords API v2009 Launch

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hello all,

The AdWords API team is pleased to announce the launch of AdWords API v2009 in production! v2009 offers more speed, scale, and flexibility to developers, at a lower cost.

Back in April, we released a sandbox for our newest version of the AdWords API so you could begin experimenting. As mentioned in that blog post, we're using a new version naming convention to highlight the significant differences between this version, called AdWords API v2009, and v13.

This launch is a production beta, and we're asking developers to sign up for access here. We'll add you to our whitelist on a rolling basis,and send each of you a confirmation email once you've been added.

We've made a few policy changes in the API v2009 as well:

  • Revised Terms and Conditions - We've updated our Terms and Conditions to improve clarity. This change includes a more comprehensive explanation of our policy regarding the commingling of data, and also redefines the required minimum AdWords functionality for third party developers. You can see the list of required and optional features here.
  • Lower costs - v2009 comes with a new Rate Sheet that reflects the improved efficiency of the new system. We've lowered the cost of v2009 for the average developer by approximately 20% through reducing the unit cost of our most commonly called operations -- add criteria, add add, and set adgroup.

Getting started with v2009:

Once you've applied for access, you can find comprehensive developer documentation on our v2009 homepage.

While you're waiting for access to the v2009 beta, we encourage you to begin experimenting immediately with the v2009 sandbox. The sandbox doesn't charge for quota, and all you need to access it is your current Google account username and password. Please remember that the sandbox is a testing and development environment, so changes made there won't affect your live AdWords account. You can read more about sandbox best practices here.

What to expect next:

Over the next few months, we'll continue to introduce new features and additional AdWords functionality. Prior to moving added features to production, they'll be released to the v2009 sandbox so that you can try them out in advance. As they become available, we'll announce them on our blog. Some of the most notable are:

  • Partial failure acceptance - We plan to support partial failures, which means that large posts won't be completely rolled back due to a few small errors. This allows you to keep moving forward with development without halting to re-do posts.
  • Asynchronous calls - We’ll offer asynchronous calls, which will allow you to work with large sets of data faster and more easily. Instead of having to wait for our system to fully complete your request before you can make another one, you’ll be able to make another call as soon as the API service confirms that it’s received your previous call. No more waiting for large requests to be finished. (Synchronous methods will still be supported as well.)
  • Keyword Tools - With new keyword management tools, you'll be able to directly access new URL-specific keyword suggestions from the AdWords Keyword Tool and the Search-based Keyword Tool through the API.
  • MCC and Reporting functionality.

While we continue to roll out these offerings, both AdWords API v13 and v2009 will be fully supported. We'll begin the sunset countdown for v13 once we remove the v2009 whitelist and all developer have acquired access. Because we're introducing more changes than usual with this version, we'll extend the normal sunset period for v13, so it won't sunset until early 2010. By signing up for the v2009 whitelist now, you have the opportunity to get a head start on development.


Doug Raymond

Product Manager, AdWords API