Today’s Registration Deadline and Beyond

Friday, September 15, 2006

We hope you have registered your tokens and information in the AdWords API Center. If not, please be aware that your Developer Token may be disabled on October 1st if you do not complete this process by today’s deadline. For instructions on how to register, please see our August 29 post.

Now that registration is coming to a close, we would like to talk more about October 1st.

Quota Management & Billing

All quota consumption will continue to be linked to your Developer Token. However, beginning October 1, per our earlier announcement, all consumption will now be billed at a rate of $0.25/1000 quota units (or local currency equivalent). Periodically, these fees will be charged to your credit card on a threshold-basis, which means that billing will occur when your accrued fees reach specific credit limits. For more information on how and when your credit card will be charged, please review our billing FAQ.

For those of you who also use your credit card to manage AdWords ad spending, please note that the API fees will appear as a separate charge on your credit card. Your API charges will not be included as part of your advertising charges.

The New Application Token

Once the registration process has been completed, you will notice that a new “Application Token” listing will appear on your AdWords API Center page.

The Application Token uniquely identifies the application that is making requests to the AdWords API. Its purpose is solely to identify the application issuing API calls so we can better anticipate and forecast resource demand (billing is not linked to the Application Token). You will need a different Application Token for each AdWords API client that you develop. To request additional tokens, simply click the "add" link in the "Your Application Tokens" section of the AdWords API Center. Finally, please note that Application Tokens should be hard-coded into their specific applications, even if those applications are designed for broad distribution/sale.

Request Header Changes

The introduction of the new Application Token requires developers to change two elements (developerToken and applicationToken) in their request headers by October 1. These changes should be made as soon as possible. Prior to October 1, the API will accept unapproved Application Tokens (so you can add them in now), but starting October 1 the system will only allow requests made with approved Application Tokens. You will be notified of token approvals via your AdWords API Center.

Again, please make sure you complete your registration by end of day today so we have time to review and approve your information before October 1st.

-- Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager