IMPORTANT: API Registration Process Now Available

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We’d like to update you on our April 11 announcement about the AdWords API Beta Program revisions.

Today we opened the new registration process that supports the AdWords API Beta program revisions we plan to launch on October 1, 2006. All AdWords API token-holders will need to register by September 15 to ensure that their developer tokens are not temporarily disabled when the program revisions are rolled out on October 1, 2006.

During the registration process you will be asked to complete three steps: review and accept the new AdWords API Terms and Conditions, enter your billing information, and apply for an Application Token. More information is available from within the registration wizard.

Registration Instructions:

  • Log in to your My Client Center (the one your Developer Token is associated with)
  • Access the AdWords API Center page (under the “My Account” tab)
  • Follow the instructions highlighted in the yellow box
  • Be sure to complete both the “billing preferences” and “developer and application information” steps

Given the size of our third-party developer ecosystem, we need several days to review and process all of your data. Therefore, we strongly urge you to complete this registration process by September 15. If you miss this registration deadline, we may need to temporarily disable your Developer Token (starting 10/1) until we’ve had an opportunity to fully review and process your registration data.

Finally, if you encounter problems during this registration process, you can submit technical support questions to

Thank you again for your support of the AdWords API.

-- Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager

UPDATE as of 9/27/2006

Based on your feedback, we understand that end of quarter processes have made it difficult for some of you to meet the September 15 registration deadline. Therefore, we are extending our deadlines by a few weeks to give you more time to complete the registration and migration process and implement your new Application Tokens. For more specifics, please read our post entitled “Deadline for Registration and Billing Extended.”