Using V4 After October 1st

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Several of you have asked if you need to modify your V4 request headers on October 1st, 2006. Therefore, we would like to share the answer with our broader developer community.

If you plan on using V4 on or after October 1, you have two options:

1) Simply leave your headers as they are (using the older “token” header). Given the fact that V4 will be shut down on October 29, we're not requiring developers to modify their code so late in the V4 lifecycle.

2) Go ahead and update your headers to include both “developerToken” and “applicationToken”. While V4 users are not required to do this, the system will still accept these headers.

That said, please be aware that:

  • Regardless of how you manage your headers, no V4 requests will be accepted without an approved Developer Token.
  • Starting October 1, we will begin charging developers for all operations conducted with their Developer Token (regardless of whether they are using V4 of V5)
  • You will need to migrate to V5 soon because V4 will be shut down on October 29.
  • Once you migrate to V5, your headers must conform to the new request header format (developerToken + applicationToken).
We hope you find this information useful and thank you again for your feedback.

-- Jon Diorio, Senior Product Marketing Manager