Upcoming change in the “Slot” field for reports

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

As part of our updates to the design and experience of Google Search and all of our other products, we are introducing new ad placements on Google Search. This will result in a visible change on the “Display Name” and “XML Attribute” values of the “Slot” field in the following reports:
  • Account Performance
  • Ad Performance
  • Ad Extension Performance
  • Ad Group Performance
  • Campaign Performance
  • Criteria
  • Destination URL
  • Keywords Performance
  • Managed Placements Performance
After this change, “Display Name” will change from “Top vs. side” to “Top vs. other” and “XML Attribute” from “topVsSide” to “topVsOther”. Also all current statistics reported as “SearchRhs / Google search: Side” will get merged into “SearchOther / Google search: Other” numbers. If your reporting code relies on the “Slot” field, plan accordingly to support this change, which is scheduled to happen on November 8th. If you have any questions regarding this change please post them on the forum.

 David Torres, AdWords API Team