AdWords API now fully supports OAuth 1.0a

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

With the release of v201109 we are happy to announce that we now fully support OAuth 1.0a in the AdWords API.

OAuth is an open standard for authorization. Google uses this standard to allow applications to access a user’s data (in this case AdWords) without requiring the user to give the application their Google username and password.

In OAuth, an application starts by contacting Google with an OAuth request. Next, the application redirects the user to Google to authorize the request. Once authorized, the user is directed back to the application, which can then upgrade their request token to an access token which the application can use to make requests to Google in lieu of a username and password.

The client libraries have code to handle much of the OAuth process for you. We have provided code examples in many languages to demonstrate how to use OAuth with the client libraries: DotNet, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP.

Please note that making your first request against the sandbox using OAuth will not create accounts for you as described here. Please make your first request to the sandbox using email/password authentication to provision the sandbox accounts and make subsequent requests with OAuth.

For more information about using OAuth with Google APIs, please see this documentation.

If you have any questions about using OAuth with the client libraries, you can ask us on the forum.

Edit: the link describing how accounts are provisioned for you in the AdWords API sandbox was omitted in the original blog post.  This link has been updated and is located here.

, AdWords API Team