New demo launch: AdWords Command Line Interface (AWCLI)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Today we’re releasing a new AdWords API sample application: AWCLI (AdWords Command Line Interface) intended to demonstrate a way for using the API. It’s a tool for AdWords interaction which was designed for power users and administrators to be able to inspect AdWords objects from a command line. It could also be used in various scripts and cron jobs.

The current code is work in progress. We’re sharing this code as open source to provide a starting point for new developers and to demonstrate some of the core functionality in the API.

AWCLI features
  • Shell-like command line interface with tab-completion.
  • Ability to list (ls), navigate (cd), retrieve (cat), edit (edit) and delete (rm) AdWords objects (campaigns, ad groups etc).
  • Search (find) function.
  • Local objects cache for easy referencing.
  • Environment (env), history (history) and other utility functions.

Getting AWCLI

AWCLI is available from the Google Code page and is part of AdWords Java API project. It can be obtained from the downloads page: You can find installation and running instructions as well as usage examples on the project wiki page.

Please join us to discuss the tool and report any bugs on the project page or forum.

Danial Klimkin, AdWords API Team.