Dive deeper with the reference documentation sidebar

Friday, December 17, 2010

There are a wide variety of resources available for those learning about the AdWords API, but since they’re spread out across multiple sites it’s not always easy to find the information you’re looking for. While we acknowledge the need for these multiple sources, we knew we could do more to bring together our content from Blogger, YouTube, Google Code, and Twitter. We saw the official reference documentation as a good home for the information, and so we’ve added a new sidebar to the service-level pages that displays related material.

The code examples are pulled from our client libraries, and they provide concrete examples of the services in action. The blog posts are pulled from this blog, and contain deep dives into the services, explaining the behaviors and use cases they are suited for. The videos are pulled from our YouTube playlist, and feature recordings from our developer workshops across the world. The tweets are pulled from our @adwordsapi account, and often contain short tips on how to use the services more efficiently.

The sidebar uses the Google Feeds API to pull data from our multiple repositories, meaning that new content will be automatically displayed as soon as it becomes available. We hope that this sidebar leads to more efficient and effective development against the AdWords API, and if you have feedback or further ideas please reach out to us on the forum.

- Eric Koleda, AdWords API Team