Sandbox Account Viewer Released

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sandbox Account Viewer is a sample application that demonstrates how to use the AdWords API client library to display contents of an AdWords sandbox account. It can be used to visualize the effects of a request on your account and to retrieve information such as IDs that are needed when running examples. We are sharing this code as open source to provide a starting point for new developers and to demonstrate some of the core functionality in the API.

The Sandbox Account Viewer does not attempt to replicate the official AdWords web interface, but rather displays information exactly as it is returned by the API. The objects in the account are displayed in a tree on the left, and when selected their details are displayed in a table to the right.

Sandbox Account Viewer Screenshot

To get started, download the source code and open the project in Eclipse or your favorite Java IDE. Read through the README and javadoc comments to understand how the application works and use the Ant task "run" to launch it. We encourage you to modify the code and experiment with new functionality. If you develop a great feature let us know so we can upstream it in to the official source.

If you have Java enabled in your browser you can click here to launch a preview of the application. Bugs, feature requests, or contributions can be filed on the Java client library issue tracker and any questions can be posted to the AdWords API forum.

- Eric Koleda, AdWords API Team