AdWords API v2009 (beta) now available to all advertisers

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today, we are pleased to announce that AdWords API v2009, which we released to a limited whitelist in June, is now available to all API users! Compared to previous versions of the AdWords API, v2009 offers you new features and greater speed at a lower cost. 

Because it offers nearly all of the campaign management functionality you're used to from the AdWords API, along with a new rate sheet representing lower costs, now is a great time to start developing for v2009. Over the next couple of months, we'll be releasing more functionality like asynchronous calls, partial failure acceptance, keyword optimization tools, and reporting.

To get started writing code for v2009, check out the developer documentation on the v2009 homepage. Additionally, we have a v2009 sandbox available to all users for experimentation and testing. The sandbox doesn't charge for API units, and all you need to access it is your current Google Account username and password. Beforehand, read up on sandbox best practices.

Because there are significant changes between v13 and v2009, we've extended the length of time that we'll support both versions. Our plan is to retire v13 in early 2010, and we'll share exact dates within the next couple of months. In anticipation of retiring v13, we strongly encourage you to begin development for v2009 as soon as possible. We're still working on making v2009 better, so this is also a great opportunity to provide us your early feedback.


John Fitzpatrick, AdWords API Team