AdWords API v2009 Sandbox Launch

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello all,

As we mentioned in our December blog post "A preview of 2009 API changes," we've been hard at work on re-building the AdWords API to offer our developers improved speed, functionality, and flexibility.

Today, we're announcing the launch of the API 2009 sandbox, so you can begin experimenting with the latest version of the AdWords API. We're using a new version naming convention to highlight the significant differences between this version, called AdWords API v2009, and v13.

There are several key differences in how API v2009 works:

  • More operations in a single call: We're changing the way services
    are constructed so that you'll be able to accomplish more work per
    call. Specifically, operations will accept a variety of modifiers
    acting on elements across ad groups. For example, you'll be able to
    add, update, and delete keywords across ad groups, all within a single
  • Lower costs: We will reduce API units consumed for the new
    asynchronous methods, and are exploring other ways to improve the
    value you get from the AdWords API by lowering costs and increasing
    efficiency of quota use. The v2009 sandbox is free to use, and once
    these services are in production, they will be tied to a new rate
    sheet that lowers the average cost of an operation. The new rate sheet
    will apply only to API v2009, and will be launched when v2009 goes
    into production.

Most AdWords functionality is available in the core services we
exposed today:

  • AdGroupAdService
  • AdGroupCriterionService
  • AdGroupService
  • CampaignCriterionService
  • CampaignService
  • CampaignTargetService

Forthcoming features include:

  • Asynchronous calls: We'll offer asynchronous calls, which will allow
    you to work with large sets of data faster and more easily. Instead of
    having to wait for our system to fully complete your request before
    you can make another one, you'll be able to make another call as soon
    as the API service confirms that it's received your previous call. No
    more waiting for large requests to be finished. (Synchronous methods
    will still be supported as well).
  • Partial failure acceptance: We plan to support partial failure, so
    large posts aren't rolled back due to a few errors. This allows you to
    keep moving forward with development and not have to re-do the same

We'll release the remaining features needed for full AdWords parity in the coming months. Forthcoming features include: Reporting, Keyword tools, MCC functionality, and change history.

How to access the API v2009 Sandbox:
The API v2009 Sandbox does not charge for quota, and will accept your current Google account login. In addition, the backend database for the v2009 Sandbox is shared with the v13 Sandbox environment. This means that any existing campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords that
you created under your login email using the v13 Sandbox will exist in the v2009 Sandbox. Please remember that the sandbox is a testing and development environment. The changes made here will not impact your live AdWords account. You can read more about Sandbox best practices here:

What comes next:
We plan to launch the core functionality of API v2009 on our production servers in about 2 months, with the remaining functionality needed for AdWords parity released over the following 3 months. During that time, both AdWords API v13 and v2009 will be fully supported. We'll begin the sunset period for v13 once we've reached feature parity in API v2009. Since we're introducing more changes than usual, we'll extend the normal 4-month sunset period for v13, so it won't sunset until sometime in early 2010.

Documentation for the API v2009 sandbox is available on our codesite at:

We hope you'll kick the tires of our new API and give us plenty of feedback. We've established a special email address for you to share your thoughts: We look forward to your comments, suggestions and questions.

Thank you,

Doug Raymond
Product Manager, AdWords API