Tips for Handling Error 129

Friday, November 03, 2006

It seems that some of you have recently encountered Error 129 (“You can't use the API until you complete the signup process and are approved”).

If you encounter this error, please check the following:

  • Have you completed the API registration process? If you have not completed the process, you should see warning messages on the AdWords API Center prompting you to complete the necessary steps.
  • Did you update your request header to incorporate the new developerToken and applicationToken arguments? And are the proper tokens entered for each?
  • Have both your Developer Token and Application Token been approved? You can check this from the AdWords API Center.
If you answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions, and are still encountering error 129, then please send an example of your SOAP request and response for which you get this error to Please keep the other headers intact in the Request XML and replace your password with "xxx". If you need help, the sample code section of the AdWords API site shows you how to get these SOAP traces in various languages.

-- Jon Diorio, Product Marketing