New release: Automated Policy Checking

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hi AdWords API Developers,

Today, we are integrating the automated AdWords editorial policy checking system into the API. This mechanism will identify AdWords editorial policy violations and return error messages immediately. This will allow you to correct basic policy violations before submitting creatives to AdWords for final approval.

What this means is that you may now see more errors (rejections) when submitting your items for approval. However, these are simply policy violations that you would have eventually encountered one to three days after submission. With the integration of the automated editorial policy checking system, the AdWords API will now flag basic violations immediately – saving you valuable time in getting your creatives approved.

In addition, you may now also submit policy exceptions via the API. Your exemption request and ad text will then be submitted to AdWords for approval.

Please note that operations containing rejected submissions do count against your quota.

We have updated the documentation to reflect the new error codes. As usual, if you have questions, please post to the Developer Forum and the community (which includes us) will hopefully be able to help.

Nelson Minar, Software Engineer
Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager