Increased quota limits

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hi AdWords API Developers,

Based on your feedback on the Developer Forum and our increased server capacity, we are raising quota limits across the board starting May 1. The quota structure remains the same as before; we are simply raising the quota allocations for everyone.

Our long term goal is to ensure all developers have access to enough quota to successfully build and run their applications. At the same time, we want to ensure our servers maintain production level uptimes, so we need to impose some limitations. We certainly appreciate your patience as we move closer to our goal. We ask that you continue to use your quota efficiently and focus on operations that drive value.

To view your new API quota, please login to your My Client Center account (starting May 1st) and go to the “AdWords API Center” under the “My Account” tab.

We hope that this quota increase will allow all of you to continue building creative programs and applications. Please continue to direct any feedback to the Developer Forum .

Nelson Minar, Software Engineer
Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager