New client library launch: AdWords API JavaScript library

Friday, June 10, 2011

We are excited to announce the release of a new AdWords API JavaScript client library. The AdWords API JavaScript library allows you to develop JavaScript applications and browser extensions that use the AdWords API. The client library is built using Google’s Closure library, and is compatible with other major JavaScript libraries like jQuery, Dojo, etc.

Getting the AdWords API JS library

The AdWords API JS library is listed on the AdWords API client libraries page, and is hosted at

The library distribution is available for download from the downloads page:

You can find installation and running instructions as well as usage examples on the project wiki page:


The following are the main features of the AdWords API JS library:

  • Full support for AdWords API versions v201008 and v201101.
  • Code examples for all the common AdWords tasks, similar to other client libraries.
  • Tested to work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. See the project wiki for details.
  • Includes minified JS scripts, compiled and optimized using the Closure compiler.
  • JSDoc documentation for the entire library.

Sample AdWords API JS Chrome extension

We believe that Chrome and Firefox browser extension developers will benefit most from this client library. Keeping this in mind, we developed a Chrome extension that allows an AdWords user to browse his Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keyword statistics. The extension is being made available as a code example at this address. You can refer to the wiki article at for details on its installation and use.

Please join us on the AdWords API forum to discuss the new client library and the Chrome extension and report any bugs on the project’s issue tracker or forum.

- Anash P. Oommen & David Torres, AdWords API Team.