Introducing MCC accounts multiple links feature

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We’ve just released a new My Client Center (MCC) feature called multiple links, which makes it easier for agencies, SEMs, AdWords API developers, other 3rd party providers and clients to work together while taking advantage of the benefits of the MCC structure. It enables up to five MCCs to link to and manage a single AdWords account as necessary. Multiple links also removes the distinction that Google currently has between UI and API and API-only links.

Note this change affects Advertiser accounts only. MCC accounts can have only one manager as before.

Changes for the API users

There are a few API changes introduced by this new feature:
  • All new Account links are now of the UI_AND_API type. Existing API_ONLY links were not updated and are still valid as defined.
  • Every managing account with an API token will now receive 100% of free units (if eligible) for each linked client account based on its monthly spend. Previously, UI_AND_API type of links provided only 10% of free units quota.

For FAQ and billing-related information check out the AdWords Blog post.

Danial Klimkin, AdWords API Team.