Discover v2009: New Examples in Client Libraries

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Discover v2009 series has focused on introducing you to the new services and objects that come with the update to the API. And while we hope these posts have been informative we know there is nothing like running a code example yourself to bring the concepts to life. That's why we've spent the last few weeks completely re-hauling the examples in our client libraries to provide a more complete set of sample code to try out. The following client libraries now have over 30 examples for the v200909 version of the API:

If you haven't tried out the v2009 API there is no better time to get started. With our client libraries you can go from download to making requests in under five minutes, and the built-in logging and utility classes make learning v2009 a breeze. Many client libraries (Java, .NET, Python, and Ruby) even come bundled with v13 support, allowing you to take advantage of new v2009 features without having to update your entire application at once.

As always, we are here to answer your questions, collect feedback, and assist with migration to the v2009 API.

- Eric Koleda, AdWords API Team