Client Library Updates: Part 2

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last month we announced an update of our client libraries to improve their feature sets and make them more consistent across the various programming languages we support. This coincided with the release of the v2009 Sandbox, and a lot of those changes were meant to ensure that the client libraries were still just as easy to use, but also supported the newly-released v200902 API version.

We've continued our work on the client libraries and are now making more features available:

  • Utility methods that make use of the API to retrieve a breakdown of API usage per method or per client.
  • The ability to retrieve report data in CSV format.
  • Utility methods for retrieving several types of codes used with the API (cities, metros, timezones, etc.).
  • Full NDoc/JavaDoc/RDoc/Epydoc/perldoc documentation for the client library code.
  • Unit tests for the core library functionality and utility modules.
  • Finer-grained handling of API exceptions.
  • Improved runtime validation on the client side.

Some of these features are already present in a few client libraries, but we're now making them all available across Java, .NET, Python, Ruby and, where applicable, our newly released Perl libraries (which only support v200902).

Update: the client libraries have now been updated to support the latest API version, v200906, in both the sandbox and production environments. An updated version of the PHP library is coming soon.

You can find all the client libraries at the usual place: Don't miss out on all the cool new stuff!

-- Sérgio Gomes, AdWords API Team