AdWords API on App Engine (Python)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Most of you have probably heard about Google App Engine, which lets you write web applications that run on Google's infrastructure. But did you know that the code which you develop using the AdWords API can be easily hosted on App Engine, thus making it many times easier to build, maintain, and scale your application as your traffic grows?

Today, we'd like to release a demo application that can be hosted on App Engine and is uses the AdWords API to communicate with the Sandbox environment (it is just as easy to access production AdWords accounts). In this demo, we access a given Sandbox account using the AdWords API and illustrate the following operations and features:

  • Retrieve existing campaigns.
  • Retrieve stats for each campaign.
  • Add new campaigns.
  • Update a campaign's budget.
  • Retrieve existing ad groups.
  • Add new ad groups.
  • Keep track of API usage for each user in a datastore.

We hope this demo will start you off in creating innovative and cool applications that take advantage of the AdWords API's ease of use and Google's infrastructure.

-- Stan Grinberg, AdWords API Team