Common issues that lead to SOAP faults (Part III)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to part 3 of the series of posts that will give tips and tricks on how to deal with SOAP issues. As a SOAP-based web service, AdWords API can be easy to make calls to. At the same time, it can sometimes be difficult to debug the SOAP faults. In our previous episodes, we discussed how an invalid developer token or a missing SOAP header can lead to SOAP faults. Today we cover missing operations and methods.
Operation Doesn’t Exist
Developers may also come across the error “The request body did not contain an operation or the specified operation does not exist. (Error code 116)."
  • The most obvious reason for this error is that the method you called does not exist in the webservice you called. This could happen due to a mistyped method name (e.g. GetAccountInfo instead of getAccountInfo) in your SOAP request. This could also happen because you sent your SOAP request to the wrong web service.
  • You could also get this error if you mentioned a wrong namespace against your method. For example, For example, the following call to will cause the error:
<getAccountInfo xmlns=""/>

AdWords API will ignore all nodes that do not match its namespace, and trigger the error in this case.

Next time, we'll explore errors that result from failed validations and policy errors.