API Version 7 Now Available

Thursday, November 09, 2006

We are happy to announce the release of the AdWords API Version 7 (V7).

V7 introduces three major changes to the AdWords API. This announcement highlights only the major components of the release. For complete details on all V7 changes, please see our Release Notes.

V7 Highlights

    Cross-Ad Group Criteria Updates: Update keywords in multiple ad groups with a single API call

    Ad Scheduling: Enable the ad scheduling advanced bidding feature

    Pausing/Resuming of Keywords, Sites and Creatives: Pause/resume any keywords, creatives or sites (Sandbox-only feature)

Pause/Resume Keywords, Creatives and Sites

    Based on developer feedback, we are releasing this feature in the AdWords API Sandbox prior to its availability in the API and the AdWords website. The official API and web application launch is scheduled for mid January.

V6 Sunset in March 2007

    In order to avoid requiring code changes during the busy holiday season, we are extending the standard two month sunset period to approximately four months. Therefore, V6 will be turned off on March 12, 2007. Please make sure that you upgrade to V7 before this date.

    And as a reminder, please remember that we will be shutting down V5 on January 24, 2007.

As with every new version, we strongly urge you to review the Release Notes section of the Developer’s Guide.

-- Jon Diorio, Product Marketing