Make Sure to Update Your MCC logins

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This is a reminder that we're finalizing the integration of the AdWords MCC login system with Google Accounts. If you haven't already updated your MCC account logins to use Google Accounts, you'll be required to do so over the next one to two weeks.

Since some of you have not yet done so, we wanted to post this final reminder. It’s important to note that if someone updates an MCC login and specifies a new account login or password, API connectivity could be interrupted.

Therefore, if you have not yet updated your MCC login, please review the best practices laid out in our October 24, 2005 AdWords API Blog posting on this subject and be sure to coordinate logins with your colleagues and clients.

You can learn more about the Google Account login integration processes at the following FAQ: about this process.

-- Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager