Namespace Issue

Friday, February 17, 2006

Two days ago we started redeploying our “versioned” services on a few servers. We will make an announcement when the deployment is complete. Only then can you start taking advantage of version 3.

This redeployment should not disturb your software (which still uses version 2), However… there is one issue…

We now enforce strict namespace checks. Because we introduced versioning, and because the schemas for the payloads are different in the two versions, the URLs used to qualify the AdWords API namespace now matter.

For version 2 use =>
For version 3 use =>

This should be of no consequence to developers who use a SOAP toolkit to generate their language bindings, since the toolkit will pick up the correct namespace URL from the WSDL. However, this could cause issues for some developers who handcraft their XML: we have seen requests coming in with namespaces such as This worked before versioning was introduced, but it won't work anymore now.

This is explained in the Release Notes.

If you start getting errors like "The request namespace is invalid for the service URL," you should check that your software generates the correct namespace for your request payloads.

--Patrick Chanezon, AdWords API evangelist