Link Two MCCs to an AdWords Account

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Over the last several months we’ve received feedback from API developers who are unable to link their My Client Centers (MCC) to their clients’ accounts. In every case, these developers were unable to link to their clients because another MCC (typically an agency’s MCC) was already linked to the accounts. This creates obvious challenges for the developers as they try to secure API quota credit for the spend they manage.

Therefore, we would like to announce that we’ve enhanced the MCC linking function in order to allow two different MCCs to link to the same AdWords account.

How does it work?

In order to properly define roles and access privileges under this new dual-MCC structure, MCC owners will now have to choose one of two access levels when linking to an AdWords account: “User Interface & API” or “API Only” access.

While all MCCs will be able to access AdWords accounts via the API, only the MCC designated for "User Interface & API" access can manage AdWords accounts via the AdWords interface.

All current MCC links have been automatically granted “User Interface & API” access (the traditional level of access you are used to). Therefore, there is no action required of you at this point, and you may continue to use your MCC as you have in the past.

So what does this mean for AdWords API developers?

API developers who co-manage accounts with partner agencies can now receive credit for 100% of an account’s spend toward their API quota.

How will this affect quota calculations?

How you link to a client account will impact your monthly API quota allocation.

  • If you are the only MCC linked to a given account, then we will apply 100% of that account’s spend towards your API quota.
  • However, in a situation where there are two MCCs linked to the same account, the “API Only” MCC be credited 100% of that account’s spend towards their API quota, and the “User Interface and API” MCC be credited 10% of that account’s spend towards their API quota.

Therefore, if you are the sole manager of an account, then you are free to choose either access level (since, as the sole MCC manager, you can claim 100% of the account's spend toward your API quota no matter which access level you have).

However, if you are a bid manager or API developer who co-manages an account with a “traditional” agency, then you should link to your clients’ account using the “API Only” access level (so you can ensure that 100% of the account’s spend is credited toward your API quota).

How do we get started?

This functionality is available today under the “Link Existing Account” link on your My Client Center dashboard. Next time you attempt to link to an account, you will have to specify whether you want full user interface and API access, or simply API-only access.

Some Final Notes

  • Account managers can run MCC Report Center reports on all of their linked accounts (regardless of whether those accounts are linked via “User Interface & API” or “API Only” access)
  • Two MCCs cannot both establish an "API Only" link to the same AdWords account.
  • For account security reasons, you cannot create an "API Only" link between two MCCs.

The difference between “User Interface & API” and “API Only” access is explained in a FAQ entry.
Thank you again for your support of the AdWords API, and we hope you find this new feature useful.

--Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager