Small features added to the AdWords API, and WSDL changes

Thursday, September 08, 2005

We've added 2 new features to the AdWords API: animated image ads and the ability to get client login email addresses. These features have been implemented and documented, so you can start using them.

CreativeService describes how you can now use animated images, flash images or animated GIF, in your image ads. The Image data structure shows that the ImageType enumeration now has 2 more possible values to reflect this feature: dynamicImage and flash.

AccountService has a new getClientAccounts operation that lets you find the primary email addresses for your own clients, or for your client's clients.

In addition to that, we made slight WSDL changes which may or may not oblige you to regenerate the SOAP bindings of your client programs. In response to developer feedback on the Forum, we changed a few fields to nillable in the KeywordService and CampaignService WSDL:

Keyword.minCpc, maxCpc and negative
Campaign.startDate, endDate and dailyBudget

We hope that these small additions will help you create more efficient ads and manage your accounts more easily through the AdWords API.

--Patrick Chanezon, AdWords API evangelist