New features: Creative IDs and Java Client library

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hi AdWords API Developers,

We’re happy to announce that we released two new items today: Creative IDs in reports and a Java Client library.

Over the last few months, many of you posted to the Developer Forum stressing the usefulness of Keyword IDs in reports, but wondered why we don’t provide Creative IDs. Based largely on this feedback, you can now schedule a CustomReport with Creative IDs. With Creative IDs, developers can get a full snapshot of their account activity by scheduling a single report. This should improve syncing your local systems with AdWords - enabling more efficient management of your quota.

The Java client library makes it easier to write Java clients. We know that getting started with your AdWords applications can be challenging, so we hope this client library will simplify your Java development process. The client library is provided in a single jar file that contains all the necessary Axis jars and pre-compiled stub classes. More details can be found at the Java Client Library page. As always, please post your thoughts on the Developer Forum . If many of you find client libraries useful, we will work with the community to provide access to more such resources.

Look forward to hearing from you on the Developer Forum.


Nelson Minar, Software Engineer
Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager