New feature: IDs in reports

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hello, AdWords developers! We're happy to announce we've added a new much-requested feature: IDs in reports. When you schedule a CustomReport you can now request for IDs to be included so you can better sync up the data with the rest of your API calls.

With IDs in reports developers can get a full snapshot of their account activity by scheduling a single report. However, please bear in mind that if a Keyword did not have any impressions during the specified period the Keyword will not appear in the report. Also, please remember that while Keyword IDs are unique within an AdGroup they are not globally unique. To properly identify a Keyword both the Keyword ID and AdGroup ID must be used together.

Enjoy the new report features, and please keep the feature suggestions coming!

Rohit Dhawan, Product Manager
Nelson Minar, Software Engineer