New AdWords API features coming soon

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Soon, we'll be changing the Google AdWords keyword evaluation system to help give advertisers more control over keywords they find important.

From an API perspective, there is a new minCpc field in the Keyword object that you can use to determine how much to bid in order to keep a keyword active. Keyword statuses changed a bit in the AdWords online interface, but not in the API.

In addition, with the release of the rate sheet scheduled for Aug. 1, 2005, you should have more keyword stats operations available to adjust to these keyword evaluation changes. For more information on how the new keyword evaluation system impacts the AdWords API, please visit our help page.

--Patrick Chanezon, AdWords API evangelist

New quota structure starting August 1st

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Starting August 1, we’re introducing a significant change to the AdWords API quota system. The new quota structure will value operation types differently. While some operations will still consume just one quota unit, other operations will consume more - up to 1,000 quota units per operation. For example, generating a report for your whole account will now consume more quota units than downloading stats for a single keyword. As part of this overhaul, we will increase API users’ quota by 10 times. For the majority of API users, we believe this improved quota structure will result in more free API usage. Specifically, we hope this will satisfy the requests we've heard through the Developer Forum for more stats operations. For details, please see the Quota & Usage page.

-- Patrick Chanezon, Adwords API evangelist